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Football Action Galleries

Sport Date Event Photog
11/18/05 Meridian vs Highland
5A State Championship
Steve Conner
11/18/05 Bishop Kelly vs Pocatello
4A State Championship
Linda Lemons
11/18/05 Shelley vs Weiser
3A State Championship
Linda Lemons
11/18/05 Genesee vs Garden Valley
1AD1 State Championship
Steve Conner
11/12/05 Firth vs West Side Linda Lemons
11/12/05 Shelley vs Snake River Linda Lemons
11/12/05 Meridian vs Lake City Steve Conner
11/11/05 Pocatello vs Blackfoot Linda Lemons
11/11/05 Highland vs Centennial Linda Lemons
11/5/05 Pocatello vs Madison Doug Fullmer
11/4/05 Declo vs Snake River Justin Jackson
11/4/05 Meridian vs Capital Steve Conner
10/28/05 Declo vs Snake River Justin Jackson
10/28/05 Eagle vs Timberline Steve Conner
10/28/05 Skyline vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
10/21/05 Meridian vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
10/20/05 Soda Springs vs Grace Doug Fullmer
10/21/05 Bonneville vs Blackfoot Linda Lemons
10/20/05 South Fremont vs Sugar-Salem Linda Lemons
10/14/05 Hagerman vs Raft River Justin Jackson
10/14/05 Highland vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
10/14/05 Idaho Falls vs Skyline - Emotion Bowl Linda Lemons
10/14/05 Eagle vs Centennial Steve Conner
10/7/05 Shelley vs South Fremont Linda Lemons
10/6/05 Declo vs Kimberly Justin Jackson
10/6/05 Idaho Falls vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
10/6/05 Eagle vs Meridian Steve Conner
9/30/05 Middleton vs Payette Steve Conner
9/30/05 Hillcrest vs Pocatello Linda Lemons
9/30/05 Skyline vs Bonneville Linda Lemons
9/30/05 Centennial vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
9/23/05 Declo vs Filer Justin Jackson
9/23/05 Hillcrest vs Bonneville - Civil War! Linda Lemons
9/23/05 Minico vs Twin Falls Jeff Jardine
9/23/05 Meridian vs Centennial Steve Conner
9/23/05 Eagle vs Lake City Steve Conner
9/17/05 Cole Valley vs Garden Valley Steve Conner
9/17/05 Twin Falls vs Capital Jeff Jardine
9/16/05 Soda Springs vs West Jefferson Doug Fullmer
9/16/05 Boise vs Timberline Steve Conner
9/16/05 Raft River vs Lighthouse Christian Justin Jackson
9/9/05 Raft River vs Mackay Justin Jackson
9/9/05 Pocatello vs Highland - Spirit Challenge! Jeff Pedersen
9/9/05 Idaho Falls vs Timberline Linda Lemons
9/2/05 Oakley vs North Gem Doug Fullmer
9/2/05 Soda Springs vs Bear Lake Doug Fullmer
9/2/05 Capital vs Mt. View Steve Conner
9/2/05 Borah vs Centennial Steve Conner
9/2/05 Madison vs Vallivue Linda Lemons
9/2/05 Idaho Falls vs Bonneville Jeff Pedersen
9/2/05 Minico vs Preston Justin Jackson
9/1/05 Boise vs Caldwell Steve Conner
8/26/05 Oakley vs Murtaugh Justin Jackson
8/26/05 Soda Springs vs Ririe Doug Fullmer
8/26/05 Rigby vs Preston Jeff Pedersen
8/26/05 Eagle vs Caldwell Steve Conner
8/26/05 Nampa vs Middleton Steve Conner
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OTR Photographers:
Linda Lemons
Jeff Pedersen
Steve Conner
Justin Jackson
Doug Fullmer

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