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Conference List

1A Western Idaho Conference 1A     District 3
2A South East Idaho Conference 2A     District 5
2A Western Idaho Conference 2A     District 3
3A South East Idaho Conference 3A     District 5
4A High Country Conference 4A     District 6
4A Inland Empire Conference 4A     District 1
4A Southern Idaho Conference 4A     District 3
5A High Country Conference 5A     District 6
5A Inland Empire Conference 5A     District 1
5A Southern Idaho Conference 5A     District 3
Canyon Conference 2A     District 4
Central Idaho Conference 2A     District 2
Great Basin (East) 4A     District 5
Great Basin (West) 4A     District 4
Independent 1A     District 3
Independent 5A     District 2
Independent 5A     District 4
Independent 5A     District 5
Independent 2A     District 1
Independent 1A     District 1
Independent 4A     District 2
Independent 1A     District 2
Independent 4A     District 4
Independent 1A     District 4
Independent 4A     District 5
Independent 1A     District 5
Intermountain Conference 3A     District 1
Intermountain League 3A     District 2
Long Pin Conference 1A     District 3
Magic Valley Conference 1A     District 4
Mountain Rivers Conference 3A     District 6
North East Conference 3A     District 6
North Side Conference 1A     District 4
North Star Conference 1A     District 1
Nuclear Conference 2A     District 6
Region 4-5-6 5A     District 4
Rocky Mountain Conference 1A     District 6
Sawtooth Central Idaho Conference 3A     District 4
Sawtooth Conference 1A     District 4
Snake River Valley Conference 3A     District 3
White Pine Conference 1A     District 2

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